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Inclusive practice in the Early Years

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Meet Podcast Guest: Joss Cambridge-Simmons

Described as the UK’s leading ‘super manny’, Londoner Joss Cambridge-Simmons is taking modern childcare to the next level. Joss is the founder of ‘Jossy Care’, a specialist childcare enterprise that focuses on the importance of gender representation. Award-winning Since the launch of Jossy Care, Joss has been featured in numerous publications and podcasts and also went…

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Meet Podcast Guest: Professor Gina Rippon

Professor Gina Rippon is Emeritus Professor of Cognitive Neuroimaging at the Aston Brain Centre, Aston University. She is a Past President of the British Association for Cognitive Neuroscience. Her research involves state-of-the-art brain imaging techniques to investigate developmental disorders such as autism. She is also researching issues associated with unrecognised females on the autistic spectrum.…

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Meet Podcast Guest: Laura Henry-Allain MBE

Laura Henry-Allain MBE is an award-winning international storyteller, educationalist, producer and consultant.   She is the creator of the characters of the well-loved JoJo and Gran Gran series, developed and produced by CBeebies, and is the series’ associate producer.   Laura is also executive producer on a few shows that are currently in development, including Daddio & Co. Her…

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Dr Shaddai Tembo: Meet our TTS Talking Series 3 Podcast Host

Dr Shaddai Tembo is a lecturer in early childhood studies (UK and China) at Bath Spa University and an associate lecturer at the Open University. He is a trustee for the Fatherhood Institute and formerly Early Education. Shaddai is an independent speaker and consultant through Critical Early Years.  Professional History and Research Background Shaddai completed his…

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An Introduction to the Tiers of Language Development by Hayley Winter

Language development is highly complex, with many different tiers and levels. In this blog, Hayley Winter (@allaboutearlyyears) breaks down what each tier is.  Tier 1 – Basic Vocabulary  Tier one consists of the most basic words. These words rarely require direct instruction and typically do not have multiple meanings. Sight words, nouns, verbs, adjectives, and early…

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How Imaginative Play Contributes to Language Development by Hayley Winter

Imaginative play is more than just a fun activity for children. Still, it also plays a significant role in their language development. When children engage in imaginative play, they create scenarios, characters, and stories, which helps them to develop their language skills in several ways. In this blog, I share 5 ways that imaginative play contributes…

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