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Developing Key Skills Through Play

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How Imaginative Play Contributes to Language Development by Hayley Winter

Imaginative play is more than just a fun activity for children. Still, it also plays a significant role in their language development. When children engage in imaginative play, they create scenarios, characters, and stories, which helps them to develop their language skills in several ways. In this blog, I share 5 ways that imaginative play contributes…

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Creating Language Rich Learning Environments by Hayley Winter

The importance of language, vocabulary and communication in the Early Years is interwoven throughout the new statutory framework and represented under the guiding principle of enabling environments.    We often think that “Language Rich Learning Environments” constitutes labelling absolutely everything in sight. Yet, the practitioners who understand child development and use effective strategies to promote communication skills…

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Episode 11: Early language development – what support is available for providers? with Kate Freeman

In this episode of the TTS Talking Early Years Podcast, Alice Sharp is rejoined by Kate Freeman, Speech and Language therapist, to discuss the different type of speech and language support and resources that are available for educators and parents when supporting young children.   Knowing what training is available, how to pick what is most…

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