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How can inclusive environments enhance children's learning opportunities?

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Coming soon from TTS Talking: a global webinar that explores how we should adapt our approach to neurodivergence in education. Join us, as a panel of experts including names such as Beccie Hawes, Professor David Daley and Andrew Whitehouse, will be discussing some of the emerging topics and trends surrounding this important topic.  

What does current research show?

Research highlights that neurodivergence in education is an emerging trend and focus, particularly within the classroom and in developing inclusive learning environments. The emerging field of educational neuroscience is shedding light on what works best when it comes to learning new concepts and skills.  

An article by Harvard Business Review discusses neurodivergence as a competitive advantage for certain skills, particularly in 21st century jobs. “Many people with neurological conditions such as autism spectrum disorder and dyslexia have extraordinary skills, including in pattern recognition, memory, and mathematics.”  

Such research and emerging trends pose the question of whether we need to change the way we address teaching to ensure classrooms across the globe offer an inclusive learning environment for all.  

Our Neurodivergence in Education TTS Talking webinar, launching in October, aims to cover themes such as inclusion by design, adapting teaching practices, what the classroom needs to look like in 10 years’ time, as well as so much more.

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