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CPD approved assessment for approaches to ADHD

CPD Topic 4: Approaches to ADHD through an inclusive lens

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Course content:

This topic has been developed with Debs Davies, practical, no-fluff coach & consultant who is committed to helping organisations and practitioners create affirming and inclusive environments where neurodivergent people can be valued for their strengths rather than be limited by their challenges. This course will support your understanding of ADHD through an inclusive lens. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Expand your knowledge on the topic area and understand how this subject fits within the context of the EYFS.
  • Discover new teachable moments that will add value to your practice and gain a deeper pedagogical perspective of the subject matter discussed.
  • Reflect on the learning that has taken place and understand how this can impact your practice and the benefit to your children’s development.
  • Make future recommendations for your practice based on insights from industry experts.

All modules can be listened to or watched via the links below. Once you have completed them, please download and complete the assessment before signing-up for your certificate, which is equivalent to 1 hour of CPD training.

Module 1: Approaches to ADHD through an inclusive lens
Module 2: Improving outcomes for neurodivergent learners
Module 3: Breaking down the barriers to create a more inclusive approach
Module 4: Inclusive learning environments for all

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