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CPD approved assessment for approaches to ADHD

CPD Topic 4: Approaches to ADHD through an inclusive lens

Course content: This topic has been developed with Debs Davies, practical, no-fluff coach & consultant who is committed to helping organisations and practitioners create affirming and inclusive environments where neurodivergent people can be valued for their strengths rather than be limited by their challenges. This course will support your understanding of ADHD through an inclusive…

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headshot of dr steph ainsworth

Meet Podcast Guest: Dr Steph Ainsworth

Dr Steph Ainsworth is an education researcher and teacher educator in Manchester Met’s School of Teacher Education and Professional Development. She has several years’ experience as a primary school teacher and has a passionate interest in teacher wellbeing. Steph is currently leading a three-year project, as part of the ESRC Education Research Programme, ‘Decentring the…

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podcast episode cover for Ann-Marie

Topic Round-up: Safeguarding with Ann-Marie Christian

Take a deep-dive into the topics covered on our podcast with learnings, tips and resource recommendations from our in-house expert, Olivia Haslam. Topic overview  Alistair Bryce-Clegg is joined by Ann-Marie Christian, a safeguarding consultant, speaker, and author. Throughout the episodes they delve into the crucial topic of safeguarding in the early years.   The conversation underscores…

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Episode 20: Essentials to safeguarding with Ann-Marie Christian

Alistair Bryce-Clegg and Ann-Marie Christian return for the Series 4 finale of the TTS Talking Early Years Podcast to summarise their discussion so far on the importance of safeguarding in early years education.  Practical tips for practitioners Alistair and Ann-Marie emphasise the need for a proactive approach to safeguarding, raising awareness among young children and…

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Episode 19: Designated safeguarding leads and policy with Ann-Marie Christian

In this episode of the TTS Talking Early Years podcast, Alistair Bryce-Clegg continues the conversation around safeguarding in the Early Years with Ann-Marie Christian, a safeguarding consultant, speaker, and author.  Clear and transparent policies Ann-Marie and Alistair delve into the importance of safeguarding policies, emphasising the need for practitioners to be aware of national and…

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Episode 18: Overcoming safeguarding challenges with Ann-Marie Christian

Alistair Bryce-Clegg is joined by Ann-Marie Christian, a safeguarding consultant, speaker, and author. In this episode, Alistair and Ann-Marie cover some of the challenges to safeguarding and how to overcome them. Support and resources They emphasise the challenges of safeguarding young children who often can't communicate their concerns verbally. They stress the importance of recognising…

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