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TTS Talking CPD: Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Where can I access the CPD training programme?

The TTS Early Years CPD training programme is free to access via the TTS World of Education Content Hub. Visit the CPD hub here, to start your online learning.

Q. How long does it take to complete each individual CPD training programme?

The TTS Early Years CPD training programme provides each learner with 1 hour towards continuing professional development. Your downloadable certificate will state the 1hr worth of CPD you have successfully completed.

Q. How do I access my CPD certificate? 

To access your CPD certificate online, please complete our online form on each module page, selecting the relevant course you have completed, and the fields required so that we can tailor the certificate to each individual learner.

Q. What level of audience knowledge is the TTS CPD training programme aimed at?

Each CPD assessment is aimed at entry/beginner level for Early Years practitioners, childminders and Nursery Managers across the UK.

Q. What topics do the CPD training programmes cover?  

The TTS Early Years CPD training programme is currently made up of 1 series, with new series coming soon. The first CPD series, ‘Enriching learning opportunities outdoors’ covers the following topics:

Q. How much do the CPD training programmes cost to access?

The TTS CPD training programme is completely free of charge to access and complete. You can find out more about how to download the CPD assessments and podcasts here.

Q. What are the anticipated learning outcomes linked to the CPD training programme? 

The anticipated learning outcomes for the TTS Early Years CPD training programme are:

  • Learners will expand their knowledge on the topic area and understand how this subject fits within the context of the EYFS. 
  • Discover new teachable moments that will add value to early educators’ practice and gain a deeper pedagogical perspective of the subject matter discussed.
  • Reflect on the learning that has taken place and understand how this can impact teaching.

Q. How is the CPD training moderated?

TTS are not responsible for moderating the individual CPD assessments. Once assessments are complete, we recommend sharing the completed document to your senior leader/manager for reviewal and feedback.

Q. Where can I find the associated podcast episodes? 

The podcast episodes linked to each assessment can be found via the TTS World of Education hub here. You can also access the podcasts via Pocast.co, or by searching ‘TTS Talking Early Years’, in your preferred podcast streaming platform (for example, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, etc.)

Q. What organisation have you used to certify your CPD courses? 

Our courses are certified by the CPD Certification Service, the world’s leading organisation for those looking to get CPD certified training courses and events. The CPD Certified symbol is recognised as the qualitative benchmark that not only reflects but also sets training standards.

Q. Are your courses accessible for learners who are deaf or experience hearing loss? 

Yes, you can access our courses in video format on YouTube or on the TTS World of Education topic pages. 


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