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Meet Podcast Guest: Debs Davies

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Debs is a highly empathic and practical, no-fluff coach & consultant who is committed to helping organisations and practitioners create affirming and inclusive environments where neurodivergent people can be valued for their strengths rather than be limited by their challenges. 

ADHD is a widely misunderstood and highly stigmatised condition and the challenges people with it face often stem from trying to do things in ways that simply don’t work for their brain. 

Debs helps her clients understand what it means to be neuro-distinct: how their ADHD brain works, how ADHD impacts them and how to work with their brain rather than against it. She does this by helping them; uncover their often hidden and underutilised strengths; develop sustainable strategies to manage their challenges and; build effective self-advocacy skills. 

After a lifetime of missed clues hiding in plain sight, Debs became one of the growing numbers of people diagnosed with ADHD in later life. The discovery made her whole life make sense and was life-changing in so many positive ways, but it also turned her world upside down after realising the impact that being undiagnosed had had throughout her entire life. 

As a result, her mission is that hers be the last late-diagnosed, misdiagnosed and undiagnosed generation. Practitioners from early years throughout the life span play a crucial role in this through early identification of traits & signs. They also play a key role in creating inclusive environments where neurodivergent people feel safe, and accepted and can thrive, by; understanding how the ADHD brain works; providing positive & affirming interventions, support & accommodations and; identifying, valuing & building strengths. 

Like many ADHDers, Debs is a hobby-hopper, an inconsistent gym goer, more likely to be found learning something new than relaxing, and she optimistically looks forward to a time when she can get all the ideas out of her head and onto the page! 

In collaboration with TTS 

As a contributor to the TTS Talking Early Years podcast series, Debs discusses approaches to ADHD through an inclusive lens.

To learn more about the work that Debs does, visit: https://debsdavies.com/

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