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Meet our Outdoor Spaces Webinar panellist: Catriona Woodward

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Catriona is a passionate educator, committed to creativity, innovation and learning through the world around us. She started her career as an educator in the UK, receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Education from the University of Plymouth and her PGCE from Goldsmiths, University of London. Since then, Catriona has held a range of leadership positions in school start-ups in London and Hong Kong and now, more recently, at the REAL School, Budapest.

Catriona is a Level 1 qualified Forest-Beach school practitioner and has studied and trained teachers in the Reggio Emilia philosophy. Before joining REAL School Budapest as Co-Designer, she was Director of Partnership and Community at Bloom KKCA Academy. She spent two years as Assistant Principal at Malvern College Pre-School, starting up the school from scratch in 2019 and supporting teachers and parents in understanding the importance of connecting children with the natural world around them.

Catriona’s interest in innovation and change in education has allowed her to become a part of a global network of changemakers, who meet regularly to discuss best practices in various educational fields. She is an Ambassador for HundrEd, a global education non-profit whose mission is to improve education through impactful innovations. She has been invited to speak and run workshops for practitioners at a range of conferences around the world on topics such as wellness in education, empathy-based leadership, nature-based learning and the links between creativity and education.

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