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Episode 9: Understanding nature-based pedagogy with Niki Buchan

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The great outdoors offers so many opportunities for interpretation and choice, providing children with enriching learning experiences. Throughout this podcast episode, nature pedagogue and author, Niki Buchan, explores the concept of nature-based learning in the early years. Taking it right back to basics, Niki explains what nature-based practice is, answering questions such as what it looks like, and why it is so important for children and adults to connect with nature every single day!

Social and emotional wellbeing

Niki explains that one of the key benefits of taking children’s learning outdoors is the positive impact it has on social and emotional wellbeing. Alistair and Niki agree that this isn’t only beneficial to the young learners, but also for the practitioners and caregivers. 
A vast amount of research shows evidence that children’s mental health and well-being are enhanced by spending time outdoors. A connection to nature is a basic human need, boosting overall health and well-being and significantly reducing stress and anxiety.  

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