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Episode 8: Reflective practice in supporting wellbeing with Kate Moxley 

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Alistair Bryce-Clegg is joined by Kate Moxley, an Early Years consultant, trainer and speaker for the final episode on the topic of emotional connection and wellbeing. Alistair and Kate bring together everything discussed so far and focus on the practical tips for putting wellbeing at the centre of early years settings.  

In this episode, Kate stresses the importance of reflective practice and how it can create a culture where wellbeing is prioritised. Kate and Alistair discuss the barriers that often hinder reflection and vulnerability in the workplace, such as a lack of appropriate training, and the need for leaders and managers to encourage reflection. 

Modelling positive behaviours

They highlight the need for leaders to model good wellbeing practices and how this can positively influence the team. The conversation also covers the value of self-care, professional boundaries, and the importance of recognising one’s strengths and areas for development. The episode encourages a shift from overworking and seeking external validation to embracing one’s worth and wellbeing. It concludes with a call to action for the early years sector to collectively advocate for better wellbeing and respect in the profession.

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