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Episode 5: Making wellbeing the heart of your setting with Kate Moxley 

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Alistair BryceClegg is joined by Kate Moxley, an Early Years consultant, trainer and speaker specialising in wellbeing and mental health. Over the next four episodes, the pair focus on emotional connection and wellbeing in early years settings. 

In this episode, they discuss the need for practitioners to focus on fostering a sense of wellbeing in both children and themselves They highlight the challenges faced by educators during periods of transition, such as the start of a new school year, the impact of COVID-19 on children’s socialisation, and the need for a shift in priorities from policy-driven outcomes to child-centred care.  

Building relationships

Kate stresses the importance of creating a nurturing, safe, and engaging environment to support children’s wellbeing and how practitioners should dedicate time to build strong relationships with children. The episode explores how educators can protect their energy, collaborate as a team, and make wellbeing the heart of their early childhood settings. 

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Emotions & Feelings

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Episode 5 | Making wellbeing the heart of your setting

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