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Episode 4: Promoting inclusive practice with Dr. Sharon Colilles

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Shaddai Tembo is joined by Dr. Sharon Colilles for one final time to wrap up their incredibly insightful discussion on inclusive practice in the early years. Throughout this episode, we explore how practitioners can challenge their practice to make positive changes.  
Sharon shares what advice she would give to practitioners trying to implement inclusive pedagogy within their settings.

Culturally appropriate resources 

Reflecting on previous conversations with Shaddai, Sharon touches on the importance of time to reflect, but also the power the resources being used can hold within the learning environment. 
Do the resources enable children to think about their ethnic origin and culture? Can they see themselves in their environment? Can the resources be left as part of continuous provision that celebrate all types of traditions, cultures and beliefs? It is so crucial for practitioners to reflect on the resources that are already in the setting to ensure the environment is supportive of each diverse learner.

Continuous provision

It is important for the curricula to mirror the external experiences that children are having. Through the use of appropriate resources, practitioners can create a bridge so that when the children enter the environment, they can relate to their culture and real-life experiences. From this, they can have that narrative and discussion to expand their knowledge, learning and overall social and emotional wellbeing.  

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