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Episode 18: Learning through Intergenerational Practice with Liz Ludden & Sue Egersdorff

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In this episode, Alice Sharp is joined by Liz Ludden and Sue Egersdorff again, but this time, they’re switching their focus to the learning opportunities available through intergenerational care and practice. 
Alice asks Liz and Sue to explain what techniques and activities (or invitations as Liz and Sue refer to in this podcast) best support this practice and how easy is it to incorporate this style of learning into settings?

An invitation to learn 

Sue explains that at the Nursery in Belong, Chester, they don’t refer to learning opportunities as activities, but instead invitations. This has improved engagement and interest amongst the elderly community and allows them to feel part of the experience.  A small powerful change in language such as ‘The children would like to invite you to…’, or ‘Would you like to invite the children to?’, has enabled them to engage all parties in a wealth of new learning opportunities and experiences.  
From sustainability initiatives, art and crafts to physical development, Sue and Liz share real life examples of how the experiences they‘re supporting at their nursery are developing new relationships, transforming communities and improving learning outcomes.

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