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Episode 15: Creating engaging play spaces with Mariana Carazo

Reading Time: 2 minutes
Alice Sharp is joined again by play-based learning advocate, Mariana Carazo to discuss learning environments. How do we enrich, entice and elevate the thinking of our children in the spaces they learn within?  
Alice asks Mariana to share her guidance on how practitioners can make the environments engaging and exciting. How do we refresh the home corners, the construction areas or art stations to invite children to play, collaborate and develop 21st-century skills?

Areas of play

Mariana explores some of the key areas within EYFS settings, what they are and why it is so important to enrich these areas.

Construction play

Mariana also refers to this as block play within the podcast. This type of play is open-ended, filled with loose-parts resources and materials, in varying sizes, fabrics and shapes. Mariana suggests ensuring this type of area has free space to allow children to become creators, designers and innovators and move freely without risk of limitation.

Art and creativity stations

Sometimes referred to as ‘messy play’. Mariana explains the importance of engaging children in this type of play in the early years and teaching children the basics of how to use materials in this area, while also encouraging freedom and flexibility to be independent creators and budding artists!

Home corner 

An area to inspire imaginative role-play! The home corner is a space where children can share their thoughts, express their feelings, engage in role-play or simply be a familiar environment to them that offers a sense of safety and belonging.

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