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Episode 1: Creating enticing physical spaces with Olivia Kirkby

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Welcome to Series 2 of the TTS Talking Early Years Podcast! In this very first episode Alice Sharp (podcast host) is joined by TTS’ very own Early Years Consultant, Olivia Kirkby, to talk all things Early Years. 
Alice and Olivia explore the role of the physical environment and why creating an enticing physical space is so important.

Reflective practice

Olivia explains that reflective practice is key in creating an enabling environment. When you enter a room in your setting, how does the space make you feel? How do the children interact with you, their peers and the resources within the space? 

Giving examples of this, Alice explains that sometimes, simply standing in the space and asking questions such as, ‘What is there to be curious about in this area?’, ‘What in this space will inspire creativity?’. It’s important to reflect and make these observations regularly to ensure the space is filled with new language and learning opportunities.

Room analysing, peer-on-peer observations, continuously reflecting on each area of your provision and making improvements based on what you observe will help promote a language-rich environment.

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