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children playing in a room with a practitioner
Episode 9: Supporting Everyday Changes with Richard Knight & Julie Pearson
Alistair Bryce-Clegg is joined by Julie Pearson and Richard Knight from the Early Years Alliance. In this episode, they discuss the topic of supporting children through everyday changes.   Practical tips for practitioners The conversation covers examples of smaller, horizontal transitions that happen throughout a child’s day. Whether it’s transitioning in and out of play, or…
podcast cover for Neil Leitch episodes on early years funding
Exploring Funding for Early Years Education
Dive into the topic of Funding for Early Years Education, in collaboration with our expert podcast guest, Neil Leitch. Learnings, tips, resource recommendations and more, all included.   Funding for Early Years education is a crucial topic that greatly impacts the future of children in the UK today. Adequate funding means better quality education, well-supported teachers,…
CPD cover for funding in the early years
CPD Topic 1: Funding in the Early Years
Course content: This topic has been developed with Neil Leitch. Neil has been a strident leader of the largest early years membership organisation in the country, overseeing its rebrand to the Early Years Alliance in 2019 – a change that reflected its ambition to give a united voice to all involved in caring and educating…
educator hugging early years children
Episode 8 | Working together to enact change for Early Years educators with Dr Steph Ainsworth 
Alistair Bryce-Clegg and Dr Steph Ainsworth return for a final episode covering their discussion so far on teacher resilience and work/life balance.   Practical tips for practitioners Alistair and Steph look at the broader policy context of what we can do to help teacher resilience. They discuss the idea of a more flexible curriculum, where teachers…
early years child outside playing with building blocks
Episode 7 | Boosting Resilience in your Team & Setting with Dr Steph Ainsworth 
In this episode of the TTS Talking Early Years podcast, Alistair Bryce-Clegg continues the conversation around teacher resilience in the Early Years with Dr Steph Ainsworth, an education researcher and teacher educator.  Practical tips for practitioners Steph and Alistair delve into ways resilience can be boosted by working on solutions collaboratively as a team. Whether…
early years educator playing with children
Episode 6 | How Early Years Educators can build Resilience with Dr Steph Ainsworth 
Alistair Bryce-Clegg is joined once again by Dr Steph Ainsworth, an education researcher and teacher educator. In this episode, Alistair and Steph cover some of the ways Early Years Educators can build resilience.   Practical tips for practitioners They emphasise the importance of a resilient environment, and how being resilient is actually a proactive process. Steph…
podcast guest Ben Kingston-Hughes
Meet Podcast Guest: Ben Kingston-Hughes
Ben Kingston-Hughes joins our host Alistair Bryce-Clegg on Series 5 of the TTS Talking Podcast to chat all things to do with Play in the Early Years.  Ben Kingston-Hughes is an international keynote speaker, author and multi award-winning trainer. He is also the Managing Director of Inspired Children and has worked with vulnerable children across…

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